I went to the EM interest group meeting tonight, partly for the food, partly for really being interested. I love the idea of being able to take care of any kind of emergency – trauma, heart attack, diabetes, or some GI pain. I like that they know how to do all kinds of procedures. That’s in fact one of my main reasons for liking OB – doing procedures, but also knowing your patients and following them long-term. My dream residency is going to be ob/gyn with the chance to moonlight in ER. For some weird reason, which I’ll probably grow out of during third year, I’m attracted to hospitals – just plain hospital atmosphere. People in scrubs and white coats, they’re busy, they know what they’re doing, they’re taking care of people who really need them. It’s a whole community unto itself. Maybe it’s from my dad being a doctor: the hospital for us kids was the magical place where Daddy disappeared to some nights, where we visited him with dinner, where he took us half-running through the halls, with everyone wearing strange clothes manipulating odd instruments and machines. Maybe that’s a good kind of dream for an OB to have – won’t mind the long nights as much.