I guess it serves me right for preaching about there not being so many uninsured people. Yesterday evening I volunteered for 4.5 hours in a free clinic for uninsured people in the county. We had forty+ patients, a record, and the three doctors spent from 6 pm till 9:30 working through the caseload. Half of them were Hispanic immigrants, though. Surprisingly, no astounding patients yesterday. There are usually a couple of pregnancy tests, some menstrual irregularities, a fair number of young (or middleaged) people wanting to be checked for STDs, and then diabetes, hypertension, etc. The doctor I was with got mostly normal problems, except that everything was advanced and complicated because the patient hadn’t seen a doctor for so long. I have to do a mandatory program this weekend, which is going to completely ruin my weekend as far as studying goes, as well as taking all morning Sunday, so I have to miss church, so I’m feeling grumpy right now. But there isn’t really going to be a better weekend all year, because classes go so fast, we have a test every other week. Well, that’s where I’ll be all weekend. The political comments will resume on Monday.