The weekend turned out a lot better than I was afraid: I got a horrible headache early on, and had to go home, so I didn’t finish the requirement. I’m going to leave it till third and fourth year, and stop trying to be so terribly ahead of things. As a result I got plenty of studying done, and am feeling almost excited. Two more weeks till the end of neuroscience – of course, with one test every week till then. We did the sensory pathways last week, and are rushing through all the motor pathways this week – deficits included. Every possible way to damage the spinal cord, brain stem, cerebellum, cortex, will be learned – we hope. You have to be pretty far into medical school for this to sound exciting, but that’s where we are. I think my whole class has only one thought right now, if you asked for our motivation: get done with this year. We’re promising ourselves that third year will be exciting, real, educational – everything we hoped to find in medical school. Only nine months to go!