Things are getting busier than I thought. Last year, after I adjusted to anatomy, I had time to read books, read on the internet, etc. This year I feel as lazy as ever, but I’m so scared of the tests I study a lot more. I didn’t think it was possible. This morning was the second neuroscience test. Once again I underestimated the professors’ fondness for questions about the eyes. But overall it was better than the first one. Just now I met one of the pathology professors, the best teacher in the world, in the hallway, and he was checking on me, and reassuring me that after neuro things get better. It was so nice of him to stop and talk. If things were going to be like this all year, it would be more impossible than it is. But only one more week of straight neuro now, and the final, and then three weeks of psych, which is easier, and then we’re out of it. Just the regular organ systems. I’m sure they’ll be hard too, but not as bad. The class before this one seemed hard, but now that we’re in neuro, we look back and it seems easy.

God is good. “Will he bring to birth, and not cause to bring forth?” I know he wouldn’t bring me this far just to stop and lose me. I can’t wait for third year.

About the presidential debates: I think Bush did a beautiful job, and Kerry told his usual string of lies. What really frustrates me is that we could have a good, solid discussion about foreign policy. There are alternatives to what Bush did, and he has made mistakes. But instead of having a meaningful debate, Kerry and the Democrats have chosen to take the old tack of appeasement, moral equivalency, blame America first, undermine our troops. And that disgusts me. I will be voting good and early on November 2.

Must run now. I’m tutoring two first years in anatomy, and reviewing and prepping for that is taking up even more of my team. I do hope things lighten up before the election, so I can pay attention to this truly historic event.