My brother’s birthday party went well. We overestimated the amount of strange food that nine college freshmen would eat, thus providing ourselves with leftovers for several days. We played pin the tail on the donkey; being honors students, they all carefully explored the edges of the board, and experimented with different coordinates to find the right spot. We played musical chairs, and the boys were gentlemanly enough to let the girls win. We also played Catchphrase, which was one of the birthday gifts, and Mafia, with variations.

One of the birthday gifts was a game of Risk, which my brother loves, but never has had his own of. I love it too. Maybe that’s why I bought it “for him.” 😀 The problem is it takes way too long, and is a serious distraction for college students. So I showed my eight-year-old sister how to play it, and beat her thoroughly; that didn’t take as long as beating my brother.

I have a second-year student that I’m supposed to be tutoring. I’m ashamed of how I didn’t know that she was in trouble, until the tutoring office told me. What kind of help is that? What kind of friendship is that? I did ask her how she was, but everyone says they’re fine; I say I’m fine, when I’m not. I ought to be able to work out how to see what people need, and help them better. And then, when we study together, I’m afraid I have a very bad way of relating to people who don’t think as fast as me. I’m afraid I act contemptuous; I only know it because I studied two hours right before coming to talk about it, and I’m asking the questions, so of course I know the answers. I shouldn’t act so sharply when they don’t get it right away. Bother. And I keep telling myself to stop, and then I get caught up in the subject, and before I know it there I am looking they’re stupid not to know everything, again. Bother. That’s not very helpful either, miss.

I have been resolving lately to memorize more bible verses. I’ve memorized several books in the New Testament, but I keep forgetting them. That won’t do any good, if I find myself somewhere without a Bible; to say, well, there’s a verse that goes something like this; that will be even more frustrating than just not having a Bible. So I’m going to work harder on learning new verses really thoroughly, so I don’t forget them, and reviewing the books I already learned.

Class starts in half an hour, and I intended to learn a vast deal of physiology before then; must run. . .