“Fear No Evil: The classic memoir of one man’s triumph over a police state” by Natan Sharansky

If the president keeps quoting an author, you know you’ve got to read him. This is the autobiographical story of Natan Sharansky’s time in the Soviet Gulag because of his activities on behalf of refuseniks – those who had been denied a visa to emigrate to Israel.

Sharansky’s memory is amazing. He gives a detailed account of his arrest on fake charges, the sixteen months he spent in Lefortovo, his show trial, and his time in Siberian prison camps. Throughout, he was sustained by the memory of his wife Avital, who had already left Russia, and was working actively to procure his release.

I am so much in awe of his dedication and courage that I can’t say any more about him myself. Get the book and read it for yourself. Remember why totalitarian states are evil, and how people who are dedicated to freedom can triumph even in prison.