The press release about a continuing crisis in Egypt: A 19-year-old Coptic Christian girl was kidnapped in February. The police continue to keep Neveen Morcos hidden away, and refuse to let her family contact her. They claim she converted to Islam. That is absolute nonsense. She was planning to enter a convent when she was kidnapped. There is no way a 19-year-old would voluntarily change her convictions that rapidly and easily.Two priests were allowed to speak with her in March, in a police building. They report that she appeared drugged, gave rote answers to questions, and tried to avoid talking about her family – I would guess she was trying not to draw her captors’ attention to her older sister, who has since been harassed.

Kidnapping Christian girls is a favorite tactic of the Muslims in Egypt, always with the implicit approval of the government, in this case with their overt assistance.

Please, do two things. 1) Pray for Neveen and her family. God can do great things. Girls have been known to escape. 2) After reading the press release, contact the Egyptian embassy in Washington DC, express your outrage at this violation of religious freedom, and ask that Neveen Morcos be returned to her family.

This is the embassy’s website.

Phone number: (202) 895 5400

Fax: (202) 244 5131


If you have extra energy, look through the US Copts Association’s file of previous press releases, then call your congressmen and tell them that foreign aid to Egypt ought to be linked to the extent to which human rights and religious freedom are genuinely protected there.


I guess I should explain, the Copts are the indigenous Christians of Egypt, the ones who were there from the time of the Roman Empire, who have been persecuted and martyred by the Arab Muslims ever since the invasion in 642 AD. Currently, the situation is not as bad as, say, Pakistan, where another Christian was just murdered on the accusation of blaspheming the Koran, but Christians are definitely persecuted, and the police are the enemies, not protectors. Mubarak talks prettily about human rights and democracy, but so far he hasn’t done much of real good. Like I said, Christian girls are a big target. If you never let them talk to their family, they can never say how they never really converted. And of course, converting out of Islam is next to impossible.