Five minutes surfing turned up a number of interesting pieces of news: Linked from NRO’s The Corner, this is just one of numerous explanations I’ve read of why the federal disaster response has been all that was ever promised. Yesterday, I forget where, I read that federal officials have always explained to state authorities that they will get help to a disaster site after 72-96 hours, so the response to Katrina by the federal government was as expected. It was the state and city officials who failed monstrously to prepare for what they knew was a possibility.

Praying in school is OK, if it’s Muslim kids doing it. Same way, at my school, it’s ok to send evangelistic emails, as long as it’s the Muslims doing it. Look, I don’t actually object that strongly to Muslims being bold about their religion. That’s their right. I’d just like my Christian statements to be accorded the same freedom – or at least stop hypocritically claiming that you support freedom of religion; just say right out that you want everyone but Christians.

And in the West Bank, Muslim villagers murdered one of their women who’d been having a romance with a Christian, then attacked the Christian town of Taiba, burning and ransacking it. No comment about how the Palestinian Authority keeps the peace, or how Islam respects women, or how Christians in the Middle East have freedom of religion, or any of that stuff. No comment.