This cannot be happening again. A man in New Hampshire, along with his wife, is accused of beating his stepdaughter (not the woman’s daughter) so severely that she suffered a brain injury, and has been on a ventilator and feeding tube since September. The girl’s aunt/adoptive mother and grandmother were found dead a few weeks later, so her only relatives (mentioned in the article) are the ones who almost killed her. Now the doctors want to take her off life-support, and the courts seem to be approving. If she dies, her stepfather will be charged with homicide; therefore the court is ignoring his arguments against removing life support. And there seems to be no guardian or advocate for the girl, Hadleigh.

Admittedly CNN is not a prolific or reliable source of information; so I’m keeping my eyes open for more. If it were just a question of ventilator, I wouldn’t be so upset; I do think there is a place for letting people go without that machine. But from the doctors’ comments as quoted on CNN, it appears that they think she might survive without the ventilator, as long as they keep feeding her.

So for Easter the courts killed Terri; for Christmas they’ll kill another little girl.