Break is so much fun I don’t have any motivation to go near a computer.

So, we got back from MN Sunday afternoon, and I tried to memorize some more details of drug side effects and interactions. I’m going to get in real trouble with those some time. Monday I took the test, and amazingly, it went very well. Someone must have prevented the psych professor from putting too many questions on, and the neuro professor put only simple visual pathways, and so on. Thanks be to God, the final actually helped my term grade, which is pretty amazing.

So the Monday evening after the test I went to the free clinic again. Lo and behold, my lady with the incredibly high blood pressure turned up again, and, what’s more, her chart had been lost since last week! I was sure she was going to get me in trouble again, so I carefully inquired into all the symptoms I know of high blood pressure, and she denied all of them! I thought for sure she was going to pull a positive attending sign on me, so I asked more questions about what happened last week. Turns out she was taking the wrong meds at that time, and was told by the clinic staff she was in such bad condition she needed to go to the ER. But like many folks, she thought the ER would take too long, so she went home, and borrowed a friend’s meds, and this week she was much better! So I wrote it all down in the chart.

Then, the lady doctor and I having been given all the female patients, although it wasn’t a gyn night, we came upon a thin young black woman, who was afraid she had diabetes. Her symptoms were quite confusing and contradictory, so the doctor inquired further, and the lady said she was afraid she had STDs or HIV. The doctor logically asked if it was possible it was pregnant, whereupon the patient smugly informed us that that was impossible, since she was a lesbian, and always had been. The doctor decided that if she was really sick, it had to be some kind of thyroid problem. But patients like that always cause me confusion. How is it, that just because the doctor and I are decent enough not to impute perversion to her without her saying so, we end up looking in the wrong? But if we go around interrogating every patient in detail about their sexual orientation and activity, they’re insulted at us, quite understandably. So I remind myself again that Jesus went to parties with drunks and prostitutes and other outcasts; as a doctor he would surely care for them. But love does not preclude righteous judgment. The same gospel that teaches me to care for everyone equally also tells me of God’s righteous wrath against all who break his law – not just gays and lesbians, but thieves, adulterers, liars, angry men.