We spent most of the day in orientation and lectures on normal gestastion and delivery. One of the “orienters” was a resident, who was trying to explain to us about the program and our schedules, but she had three beepers strung on her belt, and they kept going off, so she was doing this peculiar juggle of holding each one to her ear quickly to figure out which one was going off. Finally she got paged three times for an imminent delivery so she had to leave abruptly. Everyone looked at me as if to say, I told you so.

Which was only deserved, because I spent the whole morning with a huge grin on my face. Everyone else was already starting to bemoan the long hours and busy days, but I was not being at all sympathetic. I think I’ve psyched myself up for this rotation so much, I’ll either see nothing wrong anywhere, or else be completely disappointed. The power of suggestion being what it is, I expect the former. There was a card we were supposed to fill out at the beginning, saying what we want to accomplish on this rotation. I put down, learn how to sew, and several other lofty ideas. The director was much more mundane, saying he would be satisfied if we learned how to do pelvic exams properly!

Lately I’ve been browsing some midwifery websites, and have been acquiring very unorthodox and peculiar ideas about (undesirable) induction of labor, (non)value of pitocin after delivery, desirability of VBACs (vaginal birth after Csection), danger of elective Csections, uselessness of continuous fetal monitoring (thanks actually for those last two to Red State Moron, high-risk ob/gyn) and so on. So two of my private goals are 1) look up the literature and see how much backing the midwives and OBs have for their conflicting claims, and 2) not let on to the residents and attendings how skeptical I am. I figure it will be time enough to develop an opinionated streak after I get my degree and a residency contract.

The schedule calls for medical students to show up at 5:30am tomorrow morning, and 4:30am in the future. This is such a stunning concept that I can’t actually say any more, except that we’ll see how long my enthusiasm lasts, and I need to read about 100pp on pregnant physiology and normal labor and delivery before I go to bed, in order to be informed tomorrow morning. . .