Great article by Michelle Malkin about the little girl Haleigh in Massachusetts. The courts and her guardians were already to have her ventilator and feeding tube removed, being assured by the doctors that, some three or four months after a brutal assault, she was in a persistent vegetative state, and would not recover. The catch was that when they removed the ventilator, she kept on breathing, and is now responding to stimuli.

This is the problem with diagnosing “persistent” vegetative states. You have to watch for a really long time to have any accuracy in saying that they’re persistent; and the death advocates don’t have that kind of patience. I mean, even I, as a second-year student, being taught by professors who have no trouble with removing support from “vegetative” patients, was told that you must wait 6-9 months if the lack of consciousness is caused by a metabolic problem, eg hypoxia, and all the way to 1yr if caused by trauma, before you can be reasonably sure there will be no further improvement. And they were ready to kill this little girl after just a few weeks!