The intern is being taught to do a vaginal hysterectomy this morning, and I was gently excused on the excellent grounds that more than three people in that small space will be impossible. I am actually reading UpToDate and TeLinde’s Operative Gynecology, in preparation for another lap-assisted vaginal hysterectomy this afternoon with the attending I am rather in awe of, the one who hates Republicans, and was cursing Catholics on Ash Wednesday yesterday.

Go check out this rant from Aggravated DocSurg about the AMA’s latest plan to betray American doctors. Sorry, this deal begs for strong language. They signed a deal with members of Congress to create a “quality of care” assessment tool. Without consulting the specialty groups. As though they have absolute authority to speak for all American doctors. They are selling us to the government, handing away our autonomy and freedom piecemeal – large pieces, at that. You know the AMA has a monopoly on the infamous CPT codes which doctors struggle to fit their billing inside of in order to get paid? Kidnapped, sold down the river, stabbed in the back. . . and I’m just a student and I can’t touch anything and by the time I get out of residency this country will have socialistic medicine; why did I ever pick this career. I will not be a slave to the government or anyone else.

Ahem. Off the soapbox. Last night the team admitted a lady with a tubal pregnancy. The ultrasound showed a beautiful fetus, with a heartbeat and limbs and everything – just a few centimeters short of safety. So they had to – kill it. Looking at the pictures this morning, everyone was admiring the perfection of the baby – and everyone stopped short of saying what they knew: they killed a baby last night. They had to; it was eight weeks old, and the tube was on the verge of rupturing. But that must be the most horrible surgery in the world – to give and take life at the same time.