I should be on call more often; it provides a very enjoyable chance to catch up completely on the medical blogosphere, and now I’m getting started on the Calvinist blogosphere.

Which seems to be chiefly occupied at the moment with anathematizing the Gospel of Judas, which the media apparently greeted with great joy in the past few days. (Having not seen a tv or a newspaper recently, I wouldn’t know. And not having the energy to check out the political/news blogs.) In case anyone out there was the slightest bit interested in this Gnostic fabrication which is receiving so much attention from the unbelievers, I recommend taking the advice of James White and actually reading some of the stuff, which you can find here. Let’s just say, it makes even less sense than the Koran. Besides which, the use of “insider” terminology like “aeon,” and all the talk about secrets and mysteries makes it clear that this is Gnostic apologetic material. I could only manage about two pages’ worth before I got sick of the nonsense and blasphemy.

I’m actually hoping my classmates are interested in the DaVinci code movie, so we can have some discussions. I’m also waiting for an opportunity to discuss the meaning of Easter with my Muslim colleague.