Some of us are having a lively discussion in the comments section of the “creation in general” post, so much so that we’ve overflowed the limit. So let’s continue that discussion up here, please. I would hate for anything to hinder a free exchange of ideas. 🙂

(Still nothing interesting happening at the hospital. Rotavirus seems to be dead for the season, nobody got asthma in the last week, and no more poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis. All that happened was the intern gave me a lecture on hyperbilirubinemia, which I promptly forgot in the half hour before rounds, and thus managed to look like a complete idiot when the attending picked that patient to question me on. Another example of, pimping feeling so much worse because I really ought to know. So this evening I typed up a long explanation of the case, with every possible cause, to turn in, just to demonstrate that I can read the textbook! Bother.)

UPDATE: Folks can say all they want, but the bottom line is, evolution is anti-Christianity. The two, properly understood, are mutually exclusive. For evidence, check out this “testimony” from “Brother Danny” at the Debunking Christianity blog, explaining how his study of evolutionary tenets led him to reject Christianity. (second-to-last paragraph, particularly)