Our cousins are here for the weekend. We are spending lots of time outside, swimming and riding horses.

Friday’s didactic session was concluded by a “quiz,” which lasted for an hour. Too many questions were about hernias, which was the one section that I decided to gamble and skip for lack of time. Besides that, there were lots of questions about eponyms – which I had skimmed over, thinking them not likely to be seriously covered on a quiz. Thus, one question ran, “A 60yr old woman presents with painless jaundice and a right upper quadrant mass. This constellation of symptoms was first recognized by: A: Charcot  B: Chalot  C: Chamont   D: Poupart  E: Courvoisier.” Knowing that the patient had pancreatic cancer wasn’t helping at all. I finally guessed that since Charcot already had foot changes from diabetic neuropathy, and some psych stuff, and the triad of cholecystitis symptoms, all named after him, this probably belonged to someone else, and Courvoisier rang some kind of bell. Turned out to be right. There were others that I didn’t guess as well.

The surgery interns start a week earlier than everyone else, so today was their first day. When we come back on Monday, there will be a whole new set of residents, including some very new interns. There will be a kind of scary interest to watching the interns find their feet, knowing that in a year I’ll be in their place.