Surgery SHELF and ortho final – two separate tests – are tomorrow. To this day, I can’t answer most of the ortho attending’s questions, about simple things like extremity anatomy and special knee tests; which bodes ill. I’m sorry, I can’t keep track of ten different tests for ACL/PCL/menisceal tears. The point is, it hurts medially or laterally, and you have signs of locking, or of laxity. That’s it!

Following my father’s advice, I talked to the local ob/gyn chairman, an effusive Italian, who immediately said he would set me up with the university ob/gyn group, to work with them and their private patients, so I would be guaranteed some deliveries and Csections without competing with the interns and 3rd year students. God also arranged for the academic secretary to accept this last-minute re-arrangement, after numerous official warnings that no late changes would be accepted. So, the situation is the best I can ask for, with doctors that I know, who know me, and with the chairman freely promising me first-assist at Csections.

Now I need to decide how much to tell them about my indecision, and whether and how to ask for letters of recommendation. . .