I came in this morning, and basically had to drag myself over to see the couple who had the baby yesterday. I looked at the labs on the computer. The baby’s cord ABG showed a pH of 6.9 (below 7.2 is bad). His apgars were 2, 5, and 8 (or something similar – you know how these internet medical stories are). So I was lecturing myself the whole way over, you must be cheerful, you mustn’t be more pessimistic than they are, you must not say anything about the baby, because you didn’t know zilch about the NICU, and boy I hope they don’t hate me for telling them yesterday so often that everything was going fine and normally. . .

They were very cheerful, and happy to see me (which feels so funny – no other patient has really been glad to see me before). They said they’d been told that the baby seized after midnight, and people were not sure whether he’d been seizing earlier, or just moving funny. So he’s in the NICU now, not the stepdown nursery, and getting a CT scan and a spinal tap and all the rest of the neonatal workup for seizures. They’ve picked his name now, a lovely rare old name. A Christian name of tremendous significance, actually, but I don’t give them credit for knowing where it came from. . . (blame hipaa, I can’t tell you what the name is 🙂

(Speaking of unrecognized names, a lady told me the other day that she’d named one of her previous children Micaiah. I thought for sure, to give a baby a name like that, you’d have to know the Old Testament significance. But she didn’t. So I told her the story right then and there, of wicked Ahab luring righteous Jehoshaphat to make war with him against the Syrians, and how Jehoshaphat insisted that they consult the prophets first, and how Ahab called two hundred prophets of Baal, who promised him great victory, and how Jehoshaphat asked for a prophet of the true God instead, and how Ahab said Micaiah always said bad things about him, how they called Micaiah anyway, how at first he just echoed the false prophets, how when Ahab objected that couldn’t be true, since Micaiah would never say anything good to him, Micaiah told him the truth, that God had determined to destroy him, and had sent a lying spirit through all the false prophets to lure him to destruction, and how Ahab threw Micaiah in jail, and went and was killed in the battle. What a heroic name for a child.)

I hope this baby will turn around miraculously. I guess it’s easier for me to be pessimistic, and get a nice surprise, than to persuade myself all will be well, and find out it isn’t.