Ok, it’s definite, I am not going to change my mind again: I do not want to do OB/GYN, anymore, at all. Two days of clinic without being in the OR or L&D, and I am bored to tears, falling asleep on my feet, right in front of patients (horrible!), and struggling to keep up with my preceptors. Either I have narcolepsy (I checked in Merck Medicus on my PDA), or I need to not do OB/GYN. I do not want to do another annual exam. I do not want to discuss vaginal bleeding anymore. Listening to babies is still ok, but I won’t miss it.

(Yes, ok, I’m trading for a discussion of rectal bleeding, but I somehow feel that that’s more solid: it shouldn’t be happening at all, so if it is we need to investigate. Whereas vaginal bleeding, you never know what’s normal or not, and you have to wait for months to go through a couple more cycles and see how things change after your intervention.)

I want to know: how many days can a practice of four academic ob/gyns and three full-time midwives go, without having a baby? I can just tell they’re all piling up for this weekend, when I wanted to be home for family things; but if these are going to be my last deliveries ever, I don’t want to miss them.

If my life becomes more interesting, I’ll blog more. Until then, it’s just one blurry day of endless clinic after another.