I was going to go read an article about necrotizing fasciitis (which so far suggests that there are two types, and healthy people can get the second type, and I don’t really want to read much more), but I found this post from NHS Blog Doctor first.

Apparently in Britain, as part of a cost-saving scheme, they intend for the general practitioners to do surgery. Not just skin lesions, but real cases, with the patient asleep: as in, hernias. Dr. Crippen’s sarcasm is brilliant and more than adequate. Go read what he has to say (and while you’re at it, read some of his “Hospital at Night” posts, and other Quacktitioner alerts, and be very very afraid of socialized medicine ever coming to the US).

I guess I should be asking myself not only, why does one go to medical school, since the computers and bureaucrats between them are going to practice medicine without us (the hospital now very efficiently gives everyone lovenox and vaccines, regardless of whether the attending doctor thinks they really need them), but why should I spend five years in a brutal training program to do surgery? I can only hope that Patricia Hewitt’s counterparts in the US can be dissuaded from such a move until after I retire. Seeing the inability of the Republicans to make any healthcare reforms, and seeing as it seems inevitable that the Democrats will be the next to move, and that in the direction of government intervention, as always, that’s probably a vain hope.

For the record, I’m still going to vote November 7th, and I’m still going to vote for the Republican slate, because, disgusting as they are, I fear Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid even more than I fear Dennis Hastert and Mike DeWine.