This is just too funny not to pass on. Check out MUSC Tiger’s joke, How to hide a dollar.

One section: Q: How do you hide a dollar from an internist?
                   A: Put it under a wound dressing.
That is so true. The ID folks, even though one of their main jobs is to assist in management of wound infections, hate to look under dressings. The bigger they are (and thus in my mind the easier to get back in reasonable position) the more they hate to look. Somehow surgeons have managed to inspire a superstitious dread of touching their arrangements, which is hardly ever necessary, especially as you get farther away from the date of surgery.

Read the rest of the joke; it’s a great addition to the collection that started with the internist, the ER doctor, and the surgeon who went duck shooting. . .

I s’pose I’d better go pay attention to the office now.