Today was much better than expected – primarily because when I got to the office this morning, expecting to see the PA, I found Dr. Ashley, who immediately claimed me as belonging to him, and took me to see his patients all morning. The PA was with another doctor, so we hardly even passed in the halls. Since he had a fair amount of downtime, Dr. Ashley seized the opportunity to teach me and the resident all about examination of the shoulder joint. Which was splendid, since things made more sense after a one-on-one explanation than after the lectures in third year, and especially with seeing him do those precise, mysterious maneuvers with his patients all day. Dr. Ashley was complaining to his nurse that he’s heavily booked for the rest of the month: outpatient days crammed with scopes, and three or four total shoulder replacements on each of his in-hospital days. I’m sorry for him, because he obviously gets worn out by wrestling with shoulder replacements all day long, but I couldn’t be happier to have this particular month with him. He’s off to a conference this weekend, and so am I, so that’s simple. I’ll be back on here Sunday or Monday – depending on whether I want to talk about the conference, or just think about it.