This is the English version of a half-Latin, half-German carol written by a German mystic in the fifteenth century. He supposedly learned the song when some angels came to dance and sing in his room one night. Anyway, it’s sung to the tune of “Good Christian Men Rejoice.” (Latin phrases translated at the end.)

In dulci jubilo, let us our homage show;
Our hearts’ joy reclineth, matris in gremio,
And like a bright star shineth, in praesipio.
Alpha es et O, Alpha es et O.

O patri caritas, o nati lenitas!
Deeply were we stained per nostra crimina,
But thou hast for us gained caelorum gaudia.
O that we were there! O that we were there!

Ubi sunt gaudia, if that they be not there?
There are angels singing nova cantica,
There the bells are ringing in regis curia.
O that we were there! O that we were there!

(In sweet joy; in his mother’s lap; in the manger; you are the Alpha and Omega. . . O love of the father, o gentle/lenient birth; by our sins; the joys of heaven. . . Where are joys; new songs; in the king’s court.)