I decided to spend one (or two – or three) hours today catching up on medical blogs. Which led me to Panda Bear, MD. His critique of diversity training is so on-target that I had to link to it here. His style is rather irreverent, and his links to other websites could be rather depressing to medical or pre-med students. Being nearly done myself, it’s not too bad to spend half the afternoon recollecting how much I hate the USMLE people, and how ridiculous some of the features of medical training or practice are. But as far as diversity training, he’s got it right: “An acute abdomen is an acute abdomen, whether it belongs to a white Baptist male or a full-fledged Inuit from beyond the Arctic Circle. I don’t care what the Inuit traditional practices are to deal with abdominal guarding. The fact that he has presented to my hospital means that at some level he has abandoned his traditional healing in favor of something that works.” Go read the rest. I wish I could have expressed it that neatly.