Dr. Mark: Where do you live?
Me: Out of town, but I’m staying with some friends near XYZ for the month.
Dr. Mark: That’s a really bad part of town, not at all safe for you.
Me: Don’t worry, the husband of the house has guns all over, and knows how to use them.
Dr. Mark (even more concerned): Guns are very dangerous. I’ve never touched a gun.
Me: It’s ok, this guy is in the Army, he knows what he’s doing with them.
Dr. Mark: Ooh.

Today (after a lengthy theological discussion):

Dr. Mark: I think Jesus preached a whole new law of love.
Me: Yes, love is defined by the Old Testament law.
Dr. Mark: You mean you think the OT law is valid? Does that mean you approve of the death penalty?
Me: Uh, yes.
Dr. Mark: You would actually, as a prison doctor, assist at an execution?
Me: I’d rather not, but just like I’d rather not be a garbage collector [excuse me, waste disposal expert] either. I have no moral objection to it. In fact, I think it would be wrong not to.
Dr. Mark: That’s horrible. I think violence of any kind is wrong.
. . . I don’t think Christians can, in conscience, work as policemen or soldiers.

Which would explain why he was so disturbed yesterday: not by my choice of location, but by the dangerous characters in the house. Tomorrow I’ll try to get to his theory of how the Founding Fathers, in connection with the Priori Sionae and the Masons, intended to establish a new Roman Empire, now embodied in George W. Bush. The two of us are mutually shocking each other. This is a great elective. (The patients are doing just fine.)