Over the weekend I met another medical student, and we started discussing the ward practices of our different systems, and our plans for when we “grow up.” When I said I plan to do surgery, she said, “Oh, one of those,” and the conversation died off very rapidly. I guess the only response I can come up with is resolving not to make my medical students feel like that.

The VA takes all holidays off, religiously, so I have an extra free day. Plans include: finishing the scrap scarf I’m knitting, reviewing NT Greek and resolving not to forget it again, reading John Owens’ The Death of Death in the Death of Christ (I’ve been kind of daunted by J. I. Packer’s introduction stating that it’s a very difficult text; so encouraging of him), and reading the second of a new sci-fi trilogy I’ve discovered, which is so good that it’s ruined my previous resolutions not to read sci-fi any more. I’ll try to put a review on here when I finish, if it stays this good.