As long as I brought the topic up: I just came across some more splendid articles, all tending to prove the point that the “fact” of global warming is not at all universally accepted, but is actually strongly debated by many credible scientists.

Start off with an article by Mark Steyn (who must have doubled as the Pope in a previous existence, he’s so close to infallible) reiterating the theme that climatologists have a long and glorious history of being badly mistaken in their predictions.

Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist, collects alternative explanations for temperature observations, as well as some experimental evidence.

Here is an extensive study published by the National Center for Policy Analysis documenting the evidence for a 1500-year warming cycle driven by solar changes. One particularly appealing bit of historical evidence: The Romans made wine in England, and so did the Anglo-Saxons, as documented by the Domesday Booke. During the Dark Ages, and the later Middle Ages, there was no wine in England. Recently, some brave Britons have started trying to grow grapes again. I am sure G. K. Chesterton would approve entirely. (Please see the only two of his bibulous poems I could find online (what a mistake to leave my collected poems at home!): The Logical Vegetarian (“You will find me drinking rum/ Like a sailor in a slum,/ You will find me drinking beer like a Bavarian./ You will find me drinking gin/ In the lowest kind of inn/ Because I am a rigid Vegetarian.”), and Wine And Water; and I will try to correct the error of not including all of his drinking poems here when I get back to my books.)

And finally, we can conclude with three thundering essays by Thomas Sowell (just as infallible as Steyn, but not as humorous; more gravitas, you might say): Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.