The first patient today was interesting and concerning, a lady complaining of new migraines, but with detectable and widespread neurological deficits, which made me think about brain tumors. I told the attending, “I’m concerned about this patient; I think she has something going on.” He cocked an eyebrow at me and answered, “As opposed to – all the other patients we’ve seen this week?” CT scan tomorrow, and come back to the office so he can look at it right away; should be interesting, hopefully in a no-news-is-good-news kind of way.

He’s not unobservant, he can tell I’m not thrilled with this place. So far he seems to be putting it down to “surgeon” and letting it go. This evening, I set I deadline which I thought was plenty long enough for any reasonable office, and plenty late enough for me to ditch out, and then told him I needed to go study. He said, “What, you have a test tomorrow?” I said no, the SHELF is next week, and it was really important to study for it! He let me go. I don’t know how many more times I can pull it off, though.

I promise, I really promise, that I don’t object to 6 or 7pm in and of itself; I object to 7pm only because I’ve spent the last six hours standing still listening to what can best be described as old neighbors’ reminiscences, or perhaps psychotherapy attempted by a non-psychiatrist. Either way, not entirely neurology, not much medicine, and totally uninteresting to someone who didn’t live in the neigborhood. Six hours observing surgery was less boring; I am certain that doing the surgery will be a million times better.

(And this is why I should not be doing ob/gyn: I find, to my disgust, that I really don’t like to listen to people talking about non-concrete problems. Undoubtedly a character flaw; but I don’t want to spend my whole day commiserating with one person after another. Very unkind, Alice.)

(Lecture this morning was much better than expected: I finished a whole round in my crocheted tablecloth, the professor was very interesting to listen to, as we were all trying to decipher the neurological disorder that he unmistakably has, and he finished an hour early. We very much approved.)