This is the concluding hymn, sung antiphonally between the north and south sides of the church, at the end of the morning prayers and of the evening prayers all week.

O King of peace, bestow thy peace upon us; make firm thy peace upon us; and forgive us our sins.
Kyrie eleison.

Disperse the enemies of the church, and fortify her stronghold, that she may not be shaken forever.
Kyrie eleison.

Emmanuel our God is now in our midst, with the glory of His Father and the Holy Spirit.
Kyrie eleison.

May He bless us, and purify our hearts, and heal the sickness of our souls and bodies.
Kyrie eleison.

We worship thee, O Christ, together with thy good Father and the Holy Spirit, for thou wast crucified, and saved us.
We cry out saying, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross, trample down Satan under our feet.
Kyrie eleison.

The is the response between the priest and the people said at the end of every canonical prayer hour (for convenience, all the day prayers are said in the morning, and all the evening prayers in the evening; the Copts are pragmatic, and recognize the necessity of going to work sometimes) before and after the exposition, a short summary of the Gospel reading for the hour.

In the name of the Trinity,
one in essence,
the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit:

O true light,
which enlightens
every man
who comes into the world:

Christ our Savior
has come and has born suffering,
that through His Passion
He may save us.

Let us glorify Him
and exalt His name,
for He has done us mercy
according to His great mercy.