What a horrible event. Mainly, I’m admiring the professors, who from the accounts I’ve seen seem to have tried to get in the doorways and protect their students. That was amazingly heroic – and futile.

They would have succeeded a lot better if they’d had some guns in their briefcases. Or if any of the students had had guns in their backpacks.

There is just not much that unarmed people can do against someone who has planned his attacked and has guns and ammunition. Movies to the contrary, the unarmed people lose badly.

Apparently many people are blaming VTech’s administration for not “handling” the events better. I’m not sure what they could have done. Short of a note at the scene of the first crime saying that the shooter was looking for someone else, or was planning to come back, there’s no way they could have envisioned what actually happened. How can you completely secure a 25,000 person campus in two hours unless you have really hard evidence? Even on ’24’ they would have a hard time doing that.

This morning my siblings left for college campuses. . .

Concealed-carry on campuses is the only possible solution to this kind of massacre, just as it is the only foolproof answer to Columbine and the other public school shootings. If any of the teachers – if any of the students had had a gun, this would have ended sooner, with only a few people dead, instead of dozens. Better yet, it might never have happened, since the shooter would have had to factor in to his calculations the significant possibility that one or more of the proposed victims would be armed, and would be able to prevent him from carrying out his plans. Some people say that the more guns are moving around, the easier it is for a criminal to get them. Maybe; but far higher is the likelihood that an innocent citizen will have one to protect himself with.

Watch the anti-gun lobby get rolling on this, though. They never learn. Criminals don’t care what the law says. It’s only the law-keepers, the victims, who obediently, sheeplike, disarm themselves on command.