I’m working on the ACS (acute coronary syndrome, ie heart attack/chest pain) and stroke pathways in ACLS. It is great to know that I actually learned something this year. As a result of my ER, cardio, and neurology rotations I actually already know the medicines and protocols for these. (Which is especially impressive in that the cardio folks managed to teach me something in spite of me slacking off and them paying little attention to me.)

In a week I go back for the last rotation of medical school, internal medicine. It’s not the greatest thing to be stuck doing right up till graduation, but on the other hand I feel very rusty after this month of not doing anything, and I would hate to have had May off, and June mostly off, and hit internship after that big gap. This way is good. On the third hand, I got stuck at one of the hospitals I don’t like, the one with four different buildings, and no efficient way to get between them. I really hate that set-up. But, it means I won’t be at the big trauma hospital, and there won’t be awkward encounters with the surgery attendings. I haven’t talked to the chairman or any of the other big guns since Match. I don’t know whether they really care that I didn’t rank their program first, or not.

In other news, my cross-stitch is not going to get done this month. I really hope I can finish it in May, because after that it might as well climb up in the attic right away.