This morning was fun. The rest of the team somehow disappeared – my intern to discharge a patient who had an urgent appointment elsewhere, the senior to see a patient in the ER, the other intern mysteriously vanished – which left me and the attending to round on my last patient. I had acquired a whole list of orders, partly from the intern’s hints, and partly from my own assessment. The attending agreed with them, and signed them for me. Cool. That’s what a sub-internship is supposed to be like.

Three hours of lecture this afternoon. I got trapped by the chief resident helpfully lecturing the third-year students. I answered all his questions, of course, so he didn’t mind me doodling and not paying much attention. We know each other from way back; he used to lend me P.G. Wodehouse books.

The rest of the day was spent reading in the lounge – partly a novel, and partly an astonishing useful book called Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient, by Carlos Pestana. Highly recommended. He explains in simple language how to calculate fluid and electrolyte needs for everyone. Much more enlightening than the residents’ usual explanation of, “I just guess – 125 cc/hour sounds right for him.” I’m going to have to buy this book.