Departing from our usual tradition of watching movies only on DVD, if at all, some of my family went to see Spiderman 3 on Saturday. I thought it was great. There were many interesting characters, with fairly complex and convincing motivations developed over the course of the movie. Sam Raimi walked the fine line between making Spiderman totally hateful, and not making his temptations serious enough, and managed to stay right in balance. I don’t know how intentional or significant it was, but I loved the fact that Spiderman finally overcame his evil desires on a church steeple, under the cross, to the accompaniment of church bells. My only quibble is that no real woman would ever forgive Parker’s deliberate insults without even a word of apology, just a kiss. If I were MJ, I would have held out longer. But there was already enough serious discussion of revenge and forgiveness that perhaps the writers thought that would be too much. If you don’t mind the slightly over-the-top action and stilted plot development that is a necessary adjunct of developing movies from comic books, you’ll love this one.

(I’m even still game for a fourth one, although that’s starting to push it. I’d hate to see this epic fall apart the way Star Wars did on the fourth try.)