I was working on a presentation on Addison’s disease that the attending wants for tomorrow (I don’t know why he had to pick a post-call day, we’ll be in the hospital forever as it is) and took a break to surf the news. 

Last week I discovered a series of books called The Shadow Children, starting with Among the Hidden, by Margaret Petersen Haddix. The books are set in a near-future dystopia, where several years of famine have led to a totalitarian government which has made it illegal to have more than two children, because a third would consume too much food. Third children are killed whenever they’re found, along with anyone who’s been protecting them. I thought the writing was decent for the age level it’s aimed at (young teens); my main complaint was that the plot seemed forced. Who could imagine a modern, civilized country descending to killing children just because they’re born third?

Apparently the British organization Optimum Population Trust is heading that direction. Here’s their press release and summary of a report to be released today which essentially concludes that having children contributes to global warming. The key number seems to be three: If you have three children, you’re helping to destroy the world. Having only two will, according to the OPT, save 750 tons of carbon dioxide (whatever good that does) over the ~80 years that that extra child might have lived.

As a member of a family with many children, and one who hopes to have even more myself, some day, I am astonished and infuriated by this report. Honestly, you know what? If the OPT is so concerned about how much carbon dioxide each living person produces, how ’bout they and their environmentalist buddies stop making hypocritical reports, and take some definite action: go jump off an iceberg ensemble, and let the rest of us enjoy our lives and our children without their fussing and worrying. Fifty years from now, it will be plain to see that they are no more than Chicken Littles running around, screaming about the sky falling, heading straight for the mouth of the hungry fox (big government). Jesus said that whoever offends a little child would be better drowned with a millstone. Logically enough, the OPT’s goals (scroll down to population policy for the UK) include encouraging abortions. Would you enviro-Nazis please stop making CO2, already? Just stop. The edge of the iceberg is right this way!