I’m in the middle of settling into my new home. I love the city I’m moving to. I know I’ll spend a lot of time being lost, but I love the scenery here, so being lost is just discovering more beautiful views.

My main item of furniture is a cheap bookcase I inherited from a friend, which is now about half-full with books. Other than that, I’m investigating the sufficiency of the carpet as seating arrangement, and upturned boxes as tables (more than one needed because of limited surface area on any one box). My dear mother is slightly horrified, but I think this should work nicely for a couple of months. Even without furniture, it’s fun to see how I can arrange cloths and – what else is there? – books to make the rooms look more friendly.

I have identified the locations necessary to support life, ie a used bookstore and the library, with computers. Which is great, but a laptop is still on the top of my list, whenever I get paid (a month from now!); I consider a computer to be more important than tables, chairs, or sofa.

ACLS starts tomorrow; I’ll get to meet the rest of the interns, and realize again how little I know. Time to go review the textbook!