Nothing interesting today or tomorrow, just computer training on what seems to be a very fancy new records system.

Yesterday I visited a couple of churches, and realized again that I have an unfortunate knack for picking the unpopular/losing side of just about any controversy, religious or historical (Richard III was a hero, Lincoln was a villain, the Monophysites are not heretics, and neither is Douglas Wilson). In spite of that, people were very friendly, and I think for the first time in my life I might be able to go to a church whose doctrine I almost totally agree with, which is also in my neighborhood.

Whenever I’m not at the hospital, that is. They’ve fixed my call schedule such that I have one Sunday free for the entire month of July. Not what I was planning on. I’m considering asking for Saturday call instead, but Saturday call is really awful. You end up working straight through the weekend, since you’re postcall and thus in the hospital on Sunday, so even though you might be able to get to church, you don’t get a real day off at all. Going to church is good, but Saturday call messes your sense of time up so badly, I don’t know if it would be worth it. We’ll see. Maybe August will be better. Even more likely, the chiefs wouldn’t even care what I said.

In spite of that, I’m kind of glad to be on call July 1. Since I seem to be a doctor (I keep telling myself that, and have almost worked up enough nerve to introduce myself to a real patient that way), I might as well jump in the deep end and get going. . .