I am so happy. Things couldn’t get any better. I’m doing what I’ve been training for for four years (say that really fast), and stuyding towards for years before that. I’m doing what I’ve been hoping and planning for for the last year.

 This is of course a very personal and unusual attitude towards the first few days of surgery internship, completely predicated upon my plastics rotation. My fellow interns are not as happy – although, because of night float, none of them are – yet – completely miserable.

I spent thirteen hours in the hospital on Monday, most of them in the OR continuously. I had thoroughly drummed into my head that interns are supposed to manage the floor patients, so the fellow had to tell me three times to come to the OR before I got the point that he didn’t mean, go finish some errands first and then come, he meant, come in right now. So I came, and got to assist, and close a long incision from a full-thickness skin graft. The attending was doing some very cool procedures, as well as some delicate hand repairs. He has a reputation for asking impossible questions, but wasn’t too bad yesterday. I don’t mind missing questions if the fellow struggles with them too.

Today I had to go to lecture instead of the only case, but it was ok, to let the fourth year student have a chance at sewing. She’s such a sweet girl, she’s not threatening at all, and is helping me find all kinds of things in the hospital. I feel bad that I’m so hungry for practice that I didn’t let her sew at all on Monday. I feel like I have to show the attending that I can sew competently, before I’ll be free to delegate to her.

I am still enjoying getting paged, it’s so much fun to have someone looking for me specifically, and I’m getting more comfortable with giving a decisive answer, or even saying that I’ll consult the fellow and call back. I’m sure this will wear off in a few more days, but for now it’s exciting.

The only drawback is an assistant on the team who has a horrible attitude, and is starting to swear at me whenever I talk to her. I agree that she has reasons for her grievances, but honestly, I’m not responsible for most of them, and I didn’t mean to do the other ones. “As much as lies in you, live peacably with all men.”