Yesterday I “covered” for the fellow by going in and rounding on everyone for a few hours in the morning. Plastics is a remarkably easy service to do this on, since on our current patients, there are only two types of plans: 1) keep observing the wound to see when it can be grafted, or 2) this patient has too many other problems, we won’t do anything at all right now. I’m getting more comfortable with being in charge of the medical students. The two we have this month are very sweet girls who always (so far) do exactly as they’re told, so the only trick is not to take advantage of them. The fourth year knows a lot, nearly as much as I do, and I have to stay on my toes around her; the third year is so fresh, just about any subject that comes up is one that I’m able to teach on, so that’s nice.

Fortunately no new consults came in, so we didn’t have to experiment with the intern on call calling me, as being in place of the fellow, and then one of us calling the attending.

This morning the fellow was still gone, so it was me and the medical students having teaching rounds with the attending. Fortunately we lit upon the subject of reading head CTs (after trauma, so the interest is in the bone structures, not brain, as for neurological issues), and envisioning the 3-D image, and what most common fractures to look for. There were only a few patients worth looking at, even on formal rounds, so we finished early enough that I got to church in time for most of the service. I need to be more optimistic about bringing my Bible with me on Sunday mornings.

We briefly discussed the schedule for next week; I just intimated that the fourth-year would be going to this transgender case, and there was no need to discuss my involvement. When it becomes clear that because the fellow assigned himself all the other cases, I may not be involved in any surgeries that day, they may start asking more questions. That’s not the kind of behavior surgery residents are supposed to exhibit. We’re supposed to be aggressive about hunting for operations to participate in.