Or, what I think of Congress’ trying to change the position of the sun in the sky. They’re not Joshua, you know, although apparently most members of our esteemed representative body would benefit from a head examination on that account.

Let me see here: from November to February we have “standard” time, and from March to October we have “daylight savings time.” That makes five months on “standard.” We now spend less than half the year in the real time zone.

Back when I went to grade school, which is admittedly getting to be a ways back, and was not in a government-funded setting, either (that could be the problem), I was given to understand that “noon” was a definable moment when the sun was directly overhead. Or, to quote the dictionary, when “the sun is on the local meridian.” But our government seems to have arranged that, for the greater part of the year, the time that we arbitrarily define as 12pm is an hour before true noon.

What I don’t understand is why they don’t just redefine the time zones, if it bugs them all that much. If by act of Congress 12pm is now an hour before the sun is on the local meridian, why don’t they just say so? Why do we have to do this seven months on, five months off deal?

You can tell me I’m getting carried away about a simple act of government idiocy. But it seems to me that this behavior by Congress truly is an act of idolatry on their part, setting themselves up as gods, to tell the sun and moon what the times and seasons shall be. Added to condoning mass murder on a daily basis, and redefining the nature of gender, and arrogating to themselves a larger tax than God ever took for himself, it’s just one more sign that our society is irredeemably on the skids. (Ok, those signs were enough by themselves.)

When my state secedes, my first motion (ok, second, after repealing all income taxes and estate taxes) will be to put the clock back where God intended it to be. Down with Daylight Savings Time! (Which is an oxymoron: the day hasn’t gotten any longer since these laws were passed, as far as I’ve noticed.)