This is going to come close to rivalling my old story about Dr. House in real life:

Doctor: This procedure is really important to help us understand what’s making you sick. There are very few risks, and it’s relatively simple to do.
Patient: But whenever they do this on House, it always looks like it really hurts. I don’t want that.
Doctor (grinding teeth quietly): Don’t believe what you see on TV.

a comfortable conversation about art and Christmas preparations later:

Doctor: There, all done.
Patient: Already?
Doctor: So was it as bad as on House?
Patient: Nothing like that at all; I hardly felt a thing- they have no idea what they’re talking about!

See? Watching House/ER/Grey’s Anatomy/Scrubs can be hazardous to your health (or, if you’re a health professional, you already knew that you put yourself at risk of apoplexy by watching).