I have finally finished transferring my archives from the old homeschooledmedstudent site to here, since that one is going off-line. I’m not too pleased with a lot of what I wrote back in medical school, especially second year; but I figure I ought to save it, just to see how things change over time. I was crazy about politics back then, and it’s a little embarassing to see how much I cared about different politicians, who turn out to be nothing but broken straws. This election will be much less stressful to me, since I have no time to pay attention to it.

On the other hand, I used to be bolder and more open about ethical and religious discussions, both with colleagues and with patients, than I am now. I’m not happy that I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the mechanics of residency that I don’t have energy for that anymore. March 2005 I was very much into the Terri Schiavo case; and I’m still trying to decide how much my opinions have been changed by having more experience with ICU patients and brain-damaged patients. I still think she was murdered, but I’m not as sure of the practical applications to my patients.

It’s also funny to see how set I was on ob/gyn all the way through school, and what an about-face I did at the end of third year. It serves me right for giving smart-aleck answers to everyone who warned me about setting my course too far ahead.