Sparse pickings on the blog these days, because there’s not much happening, and what there is would be too clearly identifiable, or too impolitic, to say. I could tell stories about consulting for medicine teams, but I won’t. They were actually trying very hard today, and it’s not fair to be sarcastic because we would rather they had called us 24 hours earlier. Being rude now that they have called us would only discourage future communication. In general, I’m behaving more and more like a surgeon, and I’m less and less able to perceive it or to object to it. After all, this fact/question/intervention is urgent, and it’s my job to make sure it happens. The nurses are still smiling, so it’s not too bad yet.

One of the more irrepressible nurses is trying to matchmake for me. She’s picked a nice enough resident, in a different specialty, who somehow seems to be trapped making rounds on the same unit as me, at the same time every morning, while this nurse is winding up her charting. She started by introducing us. Since we each said hello, and then ran away with our noses in our patient lists, that didn’t get very far. Then she tried making suggestive conversations with one of us while the other was within earshot. I’m afraid she’s now contemplating more drastic actions; and since she hates almost all the surgery residents, I don’t want to risk the rapport we have by telling her to stop trying. I just wish I could be sure the poor fellow knows I didn’t ask her to do it. But at least it adds an element of suspense and humor to morning rounds.