Today was a Friday kind of day. Some of my patients were angry at me again (maybe I need to start thinking in terms of borderline personality, although I hate that psych nonsense; it would make their vagaries easier to take). Everyone declined to be discharged, and my attendings seemed to be scouring their offices for people to admit. I somehow found myself in the ICU with a sick patient for part of the morning, which also threw off my plans to keep the floor in order. The senior residents were struggling too; somehow it’s worse all around when no one on the team is on top of the game.

The lab produced terrifying results to some lab tests, which sent me scurrying all afternoon to take care of the people; and then the repeat labs came back stone cold normal. So I called the lab and asked them whether I ought to be worried about the originals, things like massive leukocytosis and hyponatremia, or whether I ought to be concerned about their machines being broken. They were still thinking about it when I finally signed out.

One of the seniors used some obscene colloquialism, and I had no idea what he was talking about. He repeated it about five times, in context, until by his laughter I figured out what he had to mean. Then, just when I understood enough to want to drop the subject, the medical students realized that they didn’t understand, and started asking questions. The resident was doubled up with laughter. I’m glad he thinks I’m funny; I wasn’t trying to be.

I’ll be working all weekend, so “Friday” doesn’t mean much to me; but everyone else in the hospital will feel good after the weekend, so hopefully the gestalt of the place will improve.