This service continues to be frustrating. Although the attendings are busy enough to give me plenty of floor work, the way the resident team is structured, there are enough people around that I can’t foresee any circumstance which will let me scrub in for the rest of the month. I can be as efficient as I like (and finally, I seem to have nailed a system for rounding on a full complement of patients by 6am, and having most of the orders and discharges done by 7 or 8am), but all it gets me is more time to stand in the OR with my hands folded, watching from a sterile distance. I do it, of course, because that’s how you show interest and enthusiasm, and I fantasize that if the attendings notice me a) having all the work done, and b) coming to watch them at every opportunity, perhaps they’ll disrupt the current assignment system a little bit by the end of the month. But that’s a fantasy.

At least I’m reassured that when I’m back on this service next year, I will get to operate a lot, and on major cases. So I’m holding on to that. Five and a half months more of this intern business.