Spent way too long in the hospital today, more tomorrow, and the test on Saturday. Beautiful.

I had resolved to spend the two hours left in my evening by studying for tomorrow’s OR cases (and give up on studying for the test), since by some fluke I get to scrub on the tiniest ones. Halfway through my proposed reading, however, I suddenly grasped the meaning of my chief’s lifted eyebrow when I stated that since only three types of pathology were on the OR schedule, I should be able to get enough reading done tonight.

He meant that this is the attending who notoriously will not ask about the subject you’re operating on, and thus presumably (hopefully) know something about. He’ll ask about everything else instead. So basically preparing for tomorrow’s ordeal is a hopeless enterprise.

I’m going to go finish reading anyway, just so in case he breaks tradition I’m prepared, and so when we’re not operating on these cases I’ll be prepared.

My patients who’ve been on my floor forever now (that means more than one week) seem to all be getting puzzlingly sick, in different ways, or just not improving. Makes the day kind of depressing, trying to figure out how to help them, and not getting anywhere.