The last day of the month was too overwhelming to write about. I found myself sitting in the nurses’ station at 8:30pm, asking them, “Tell me what I forgot to do.” As soon as I put my coat on, they remembered; which was good, because it was important. I’m going to miss the charismatic attendings on that service, but it will be nice to have a smaller workload, and spend a few less hours in the hospital every day.

The next day was wonderful, a great way to start the month. They had a hard case that they actually invited me to scrub into and assist with. I managed to demonstrate a small amount of manual dexterity, at least enough to reassure myself.

The chief I have this month is a really great guy, fair to the juniors and interns, and well-informed in a non-threatening way. Plus, there are only five months to go, and this month only has 28 days. I love February.

(I’m choosing to ignore warning comments from other residents that my enthusiasm won’t last long around one particularly demanding attending. I think I know what he wants, and I can do it.)