Life just keeps getting better. The attending is starting to leave me to finish some cases (ie close up afterwards, but still it’s a responsibility; and I don’t know whether or not I’d like to know what the OR staff think as they watch me slowing down even more to do things meticulously in his absence).

The chief remarked, “I’m tired of doing these cases. I’ve had enough to last me a lifetime. You go do the next one.” More laparoscopic experience there. I think that attending is starting to run out of patience with my awkwardness. I hope he can stand to have me around a couple more times this month, because I’m starting to hit the learning curve, and get a little more comfortable with the instruments.

Then, we had an ICU patient with very poor venous access. Everyone else was ready to place a central line, but I wanted to try a tricky peripheral iv. I’ve never started an iv since medical school, and I’d never tried this location before, but I figured I ought to learn sometime, and this man seemed to have a good vessel. To my extreme surprise, I got it the first time, and then didn’t know what to do next to hook it up. (Yes, pathetic, but that’s what you get when the rest of the staff are very good at ivs. I hate to go around practicing on people, subjecting them to my attempts, when they could have it done, quickly and properly, by an experienced person, since it’s a skill I don’t absolutely need to have.) I was surprised to find myself being that much of a cowboy, pushing to do something when the attending and senior didn’t want to. Fun, when it works.

I’m enjoying this month to the hilt, because I know it won’t be this good again until at least July. But this is so tremendous, I think I can last four months on the strength of it. (Only four months till July! I find if I don’t think about it for a while, it makes time go faster, and then I’m surprised again by how close the end of the year is.)