It’s fun to see how my role is starting to shift as the end of the year comes in sight. The seniors are talking about the interns as residents, not referring to us as a separate group. The juniors are making more and more comments about “when you’re doing this next year,” not teasing us, as it was at the beginning of the year, but out of a careful desire to pass on information that we’ll need, and that they need us to have in order for things to go smoothly.

The chiefs are more and more focusing on their plans for after residency – traveling to look for houses, finalizing new jobs, and spending more time than I care to think about filling out licensing applications for whatever state they’re moving to. The mental and chronological gap that they leave is pulling the more junior residents and interns deeper into the tight community of the residency. Only now that the doors to the inside circle are opening do I realize how far outside and peripheral I’ve been for most of the year. (And I’m talking about inner circles with full consciousness of C. S. Lewis’s depiction of Mark nearly being swallowed up completely by the evil forces of the N.I.C.E. through his desire to get into the inner circle, in That Hideous Strength.)

And best of all, as people start to think of us interns more as residents, they’re letting us do more and more surgically.

Of course, as someone told me last week, “This also means you’re now being given a whole new level of scut to do. Not only is there all the usual scut on the floors, but you’re now able to handle the unit scut as well. . . Here, go write these notes on the ICU patients, and do all their orders.” Thanks a lot, friend. Definitely it’s nearly time to have some new interns.