Attendings are funny. The vascular surgeon complains about having to repeat operations on the same patients over and over. The bariatric surgeon complains about his patients’ difficult personalities, and how difficult it is to get them to breathe properly after surgery. The colorectal surgeon complains that he hates the smell of poop. I feel like saying, hmm, isn’t that a necessary aspect of the specialty you chose?

It’s probably just a continuation of the residents’ behavior. Psych residents complain about having to see silly suicide attempts in the ER. Medicine residents complain about having to go to every code in the hospital. Peds residents complain about their patients’ parents. Surgery residents complain about getting stat consults all day.

What we really mean is that we’re proud to be doing this, and we like to talk about it.

In other news, my census remains at record proportions. Despite my best efforts, every time I coax a patient out the door, the attendings will admit one from clinic, and accept another transfer, so that it almost seems more useful not to discharge anybody, in order to avoid the necessarily-ensuing double admissions. Ah well. Tomorrow will be the last day of rounds for a month. In the evening, I’ll get to dump the whole list on the next lucky intern.