Congratulations to all the students who matched this week. Make the most of your time from now till July.

My program filled its places with good people, and I’m looking forward to having them around in a few months. If I have to be a junior resident, they will make good interns.

I made a new rule last night: no peanut gallery when I’m suturing in the ER. I know, that’s supposed to be a basic ground rule. The last few times I let it slide because the family member was somehow medically informed, and very interested, or because the injury was so traumatizing I felt like the patient needed to have more support than just my chatter during the procedure. However, I draw the line at three rednecks joking about matters while I’m trying to figure out which tiny pieces get cut off and which pieces get sutured down. (And I try not to use derogatory words like rednecks, but they were.) I don’t mind the patient asking the same questions over and over (“you said what happened to the bone?” “what’s that piece there?” “did you say I’m not going to lose the finger?” “where’s all the blood coming from?”) because, after all, they’re hurt, and they’re being patient enough to sit still and let me jab needles in them. But the same questions multiplied by four from the gallery, and teasing all around, in a tiny ER room, was too much. I’m afraid I wasn’t too gracious about it; I need to think of a good invitation-to-exit line. But I felt like things went smoother with them gone.

And then there was the poor patient who had a broken bone on one side, so I put a splint on it, and when I was done I didn’t feel 100% satisfied with the arrangement of the splint. He was complaining of pain on the other side, so I xrayed that too, and lo and behold, that side had a fracture too. So I put that splint on perfectly. Makes me happy; I don’t know how he feels about it.